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The Virginia Beach Lifeguard Association is a 501C-3 Non Profit local chapter of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), the national organization of open water lifesavers committed to reducing drowning and preventing injury in the aquatic environment. The VBLA is comprised mainly of current members and alumni of the Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service,and friends of the surf lifesaving community.


Each summer the VBLA completes its mission of promoting beach safety through multiple avenues. The VBLA has provided free public safety presentations to elementary schools, military commands and fortune 500 companies. VBLA members volunteer to monitor open water events that raise thousands of dollars for charities. Finally, VBLA hosts and participates in local, regional and national competitions to motivate guards to train harder and better work together to protect the citizens and visitors to Virginia Beach.









How to get involved:


1. Alumni and friends are invited to join the VBLA and enjoy the benefits of membership.

2. Parents are invited to sign children ages 9 to 15 up for another great summer of JUNIOR GUARD Camps.

3. Swimmers ready to mix it up in the open water should check out our Ocean Swim Series.

4. Finally, please see our VBLA alumni business and sponsorship page so you can support your fellow lifeguards and the businesses who support us.

5. Donate by sending checks payable to the Virginia Beach Lifeguard Association to 853 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (FED ID# 54-1412842)

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